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Sell Us Your Car in Manassas, VA

Sell Us Your Car

Car Buying Center

If you are looking for a new car, you may be adding it to what you already have. However, you may instead look to replace it with an upgrade or something that better fits your needs.

To replace your current vehicle, you hope to sell and get the most out of it. It is important to find a reliable buyer that you know will be easy and fair to work with. When you shop at and do business with Miller Toyota, you can accomplish all of your goals, letting you sell the vehicle to the dealership and get into a new one.

Selling a car to a private buyer can be a frustrating, time-consuming experience. You can trust the team at Miller Toyota to give you a fair price for your vehicle and put that sale toward the purchase of a new model. Visit our dealership in Manassas, VA, today so you can get started. You can also begin by exploring our online inventory and checking out the online tools available to make your trade-in and shopping easier.

How It Works

If you are apprehensive about how to sell a used car in Manassas, VA, don’t worry. Miller Toyota eases the process and helps you with every step along the way. First, you’ll need to know the trade-in value of your vehicle. You can do this quickly and conveniently online before you even have to come into the dealership. You’ll answer questions about the year, make, model, year, and mileage of your vehicle. You’ll also indicate the condition of the model. Once done with these steps, you’ll need to bring in the vehicle to the dealership. Here, one of our professionals will conduct a final inspection to assess the vehicle to determine what your car is worth.

Your Car’s Value

You can find online tools such as Kelley Blue Book to determine the value of your vehicle. The resources at Miller Toyota can also provide you with an idea of what you can expect to get out of your sale. However, our professionals will have the final say after inspecting the vehicle. We will look for any damage to the vehicle as well as mechanical and performance issues that could affect its value. The year and mileage will also play a factor in how much you can sell it for.

You Can Sell Without Buying

Many customers at Miller Toyota come to sell their vehicles so they can purchase a new one. However, you don’t have to upgrade to a new Toyota from the dealership to sell us your current vehicle. We will give you cash for your vehicle. You can then use the proceeds of the sale for anything, including putting money down on a new model, even if it’s not from Miller Toyota.

What You’ll Need

If you decide that selling your vehicle to our dealership is right for you, you can stop bythe showroom.

When you come see us to sell your vehicle, you’ll need to have the following with you:

  • Valid ID for yourself or anyone who is on the title
  • Individual on the title should be there
  • The title or payoff information
  • The vehicle’s current registration
  • The vehicle’s owner’s manual, along with the keys and remotes

Visit Miller Toyota

You may be wondering how to sell a used car to a dealership. Luckily, at Miller Toyota in Manassas, VA, we take out the stress and hassles. You no longer have to go through the trouble of selling a car to a private buyer and risk not getting the money you deserve from the sale. Instead, we will inspect your vehicle and pay you what the car is worth. Whether you intend to put this sale toward a new Toyota or whether you don’t plan on buying from us, we can help. Stop by today and let us take your car off your hands so you can achieve your selling and buying goals.