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FAQ on Getting a Brake Service in Manassas, VA

Your car's brakes are undoubtedly vital to your safety on the road. Even a small brake issue can result in serious harm or property loss. To keep yourself and your passengers safe, you must educate yourself about your brakes.

Miller Toyota prepared this FAQ for its customers, particularly those in Manassas, VA. If you have questions about your brakes, maybe you can find some answers here.

How Often Should I Get My Brakes Inspected?

You should examine your brake system immediately if you notice symptoms of it failing. During an inspection, a skilled technician can easily spot any problems and provide a solution. It’s also a good idea to check on your brakes regularly.

Can I Use My Car Even If I'm Having Problems With My Brakes?

You shouldn't use your car if you're having problems with your brakes. Remember that your braking system is the only thing that can keep your car from moving. If your braking system has a problem, fixing it should be your top priority. You should immediately schedule a service with a reputable repair shop if there's something wrong with your brakes.

Why Do My Brakes Screech When I Step on It?

It's normal to hear a screeching sound when you step on the brakes. The sound you hear comes from the friction produced as two parts touch each other. You shouldn't be overly concerned with this screeching sound. But it can also signal that your brakes are starting to deteriorate.

How Is Brake Repair Carried Out?

A leak is the most frequent braking issue drivers experience. Emergency repairs typically require addressing leaks from the master cylinder or wheel cylinders.

Do I Need to Replace My Brake Pads?

Like other parts of your vehicle, brake pads become worn over time. You must replace worn-out brake pads to maintain the integrity of your brakes. You should change your brake pads every 50,000 miles or when you start to notice signs that they are already worn out. Moreover, you may need to replace your brake pads more frequently if you brake aggressively or drive a performance car. During routine maintenance appointments, your mechanic should inspect your brake pads and advise when to replace them.

Where Can I Go for a Brake Service

It's essential to choose a reputable automotive service center for brake service. If you're from Manassas, VA, you should go to Miller Toyota. We have factory-trained technicians who are experts at diagnosing and fixing brake problems.

Schedule a Brake Service at Miller Toyota

Miller Toyota offers reliable yet affordable car care services in Manassas, VA. We offer more opportunities to save money through our service specials. Call or message us today to schedule a service.