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Auto Air Conditioning Service Near Ashton Glen

Braving the cold or the heat without auto air conditioning isn’t fun. So, if you are searching for auto air conditioning services near Ashton Glen – home of the world-famous Ashton Diner – make an appointment with Miller Toyota.

The technicians in our state-of-the-art service center are factory trained and certified. So, when you drop off the keys to your car, truck, or SUV you can trust that our mechanics will diagnose the issue and complete quality repairs so that you’re not sweating or shivering as you drive through Ashton Glen and surrounding areas.

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Common Auto A/C Issues

Unlike other auto issues that might go unnoticed for a while, A/C issues are pretty apparent due to the level of discomfort they cause. Here are a few common A/C issues that Miller Toyota can help with.

No cold air coming from car A/C - When your A/C stops producing cold air, this is usually due to a refrigerant leak. Your Miller Toyota technician will identify the leak and repair it so that you can stay cool on your commute.

Car A/C produces cool air that doesn’t get cold - Similar to the above issue, this is usually due to issues with the refrigerant in you’re A/C. However, if the air gets cool but doesn’t become cold this indicates that the refrigerant is low, your condenser is blocked, or you have a failed clutch switch. Your technician will test for all three issues to diagnose the problem and then complete repairs.

Car A/C has a mildew smell - A mildew smell coming from your A/C indicates that it is time to change your A/C filter. If changing the filter does not eradicate the smell an anti-bacterial solution will be added to the system to cleanse it.

How to Schedule Auto Air Conditioning Services near Ashton Glen

If your commute has become uncomfortable due to auto air conditioning issues, come to Miller Toyota for high-quality and efficient service. Our skilled technicians will diagnose the problem and repair the issues in time for you to beat the dinner rush at Ashton’s Diner.

Call our service department anytime during regular business hours, or schedule an appointment online.