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Auto Glass Shop in Manassas, VA

When a motorist in Manassas, Virginia, notices a chip or small crack in their windshield so tiny that it barely interferes with their ability to see, they may tend to ignore it. The problem is chips and small cracks often grow into larger cracks that can be dangerous and, in some cases, illegal. When a crack gets too large, the entire windshield needs to be replaced. Repairing a small chip or crack, on the other hand, is quick and inexpensive. In the Miller Toyota service center, trained technicians can fix most windshield problems to get drivers back on the road in no time.

When a Windshield Should be Repaired

The answer to this question is easy: immediately. Drivers need to have the work done before the crack has a chance to spread. There are many factors that cause small chips and cracks in a windshield to grow, but one of the primary ones is the weather. As the temperature rises during the day, a vehicle’s windshield expands. Then, when the sun is down at night, the windshield cools off and contracts. This daily expansion and contraction can cause small cracks to grow a little more each day until, finally, they have reached a point beyond simple repair.

How to Know if a Windshield Needs to be Replaced

How can a driver tell whether a crack has reached the point where it cannot be fixed? Technicians have a variety of factors they need to examine in order to determine whether a windshield will be safe for the driver and passengers in the vehicle. Customers can expect the service center to look at where the crack is located, how deep the crack is, how long it has become, and much more. A general rule of thumb is that once a crack has reached six inches, the windshield must be replaced.

Schedule Service at Miller Toyota

Drivers who have noticed a chip or crack in their windshield should bring their vehicle into Miller Toyota near Manassas, Virginia, before it is too late. Cracks can be repaired quickly and at very little cost when they are small, but a car owner who waits too long runs the risk of having to replace their entire windshield. People can schedule repairs or stop by and see the team at Miller Toyota. The dealership is located at 8566 Sudley Road, Manassas, Virginia, 20110.