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Information On Wheel Alignments

FAQ on Getting Wheel Alignment in Manassas, VA

It's important for your wheels to be constantly aligned. Wheel alignment can affect your car's steering, suspension, and even overall durability. But some drivers don't know if it's time for alignment service. If you have questions about wheel alignment, check out the FAQ below. Service experts from Miller Toyota prepared this FAQ.

What Is the Correct Wheel Alignment?

If all your wheels are aimed straight ahead, perpendicular to the road and their axles, and parallel to each other, you're all good. The car's manufacturer determines the angles using very precise degrees. To know your car's correct wheel alignment, check your owner's manual. You can also go to a service center and ask a qualified professional.

How Do Wheels Get Out of Alignment?

It's easy for wheels to get out of alignment. If you're using your vehicle daily, you can expect the wheels to get out of alignment as part of the normal wear and tear process. Over time, rubber bushings lose their flexibility. Suspension joints also become loose with regular use of your vehicle. Other small problems can also cause a change in your wheel's angles.

Hitting a pothole and bumping a curb can cause wheels to misalign. This is why you should go to an automotive service center immediately after a collision, no matter how minor.

What Are the Signs that the Wheels Are Not Aligned?

Below are the most common symptoms of having misaligned wheels:

You See Uneven Tire Wear:

When you go to an auto repair shop for an inspection, mechanics usually check your wheel's tread wear pattern. If they see uneven wear, it's most likely that your wheels are not aligned.

Your Vehicle Pulls to One Side:

If your wheels are not aligned, your vehicle will tend to go to the right or left even if the steering wheel is straight.

You Feel Vibration in the Steering Wheel:

If you feel a subtle or strong vibration in the steering wheel, it could be a sign you need to get a wheel alignment.

You See the Steering Wheel Is Turned Even When the Wheels Are Straight:

If you feel like you're constantly trying to correct the steering wheel while driving, it's a sign that you have an alignment problem.

Does Tire Rotation Affect Alignment? How?

Yes, it does. If you go to a service center for a tire rotation, technicians will analyze your tire's tread wear patterns to determine if your wheels are aligned. So by following the manufacturer's recommended schedule for tire rotation, you can catch alignment issues early on before they become bigger.

However, tire rotation does not fix alignment issues. Even after you get your tires rotated, your wheels can still be misaligned. You need to get an alignment service to fix the problems.

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If you're from Manassas, VA, and need wheel alignment service, we encourage you to go to Miller Toyota. Don't forget to check out our service specials to allow you to save on our services.