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15 Minute Toyota Deal

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Car buying from the comfort of your home or office! 

Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the 15 Minute Toyota Deal?

Miller Toyota has established a unique and efficient vehicle buying process that will save you the time and anxiety of spending hours at the dealership.


Can I really buy a vehicle by only visiting Miller Toyota for 15 minutes?

Yes! Finalizing paperwork and accepting delivery of your new vehicle can be accomplished in 15 minutes.


How does 15MTD work?

Select a vehicle from our website. We will agree with all terms of the deal by phone and email. This will include price, payments, terms and interest rates. We will gather all necessary information from you and email you copies of all documents that will require your signature(s). From the comfort of your home, you can review the documents.


How do I get my new Toyota?

Delivery of your new Toyota will take place at Miller Toyota. You will have to sign the original documents that have been previously sent to you. There will be NO surprises! Every item and term will be exact as previously presented to you. This can be finished in 5 minutes or less. Your vehicle will be prepped and ready to go. Our delivery specialists will take as much time as you want familiarizing you with your new vehicle, or you can take the keys and go.


What if I have further questions about my new vehicle’s operation?

Our product specialists will discuss any matters with you via phone and you are always welcome to come back and see us as your time and circumstances permit.


What if I want to trade my current vehicle?

We have several methods of establishing your vehicle’s trade in value, some that will not require a visit to Miller Toyota until you pick up your new Toyota. Value your trade here: 


I want to pay cash, finance with my credit union, or lease my new Toyota

The 15MTD works with all scenarios.


Do I need to place a deposit with Miller Toyota?

No. Once we have transmitted copies of the documents to you, we will hold your vehicle through the next business day. After that time, we will still honor our deal but will have to release the vehicle back into inventory.






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