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Transmission Service near Conklin, VA

Do You Need Transmission Service?

Your transmission is one of the key elements of your vehicle. From time to time, your transmission needs to be inspected to ensure things are working properly. If you suspect your transmission is experiencing issues, schedule an appointment with your local mechanic right away. If you are near Conklin, VA, you can come to Miller Toyota, no matter the make or model of your vehicle.

Our Transmission Services

The first course of action is to ensure that your transmission is receiving proper maintenance to avoid unwanted breakdowns and costly repairs. Here are a few of the transmission maintenance services we offer:

  • Inspection: A quick assessment of your transmission informs our technicians of what it needs.
  • Fluid replacement: Transmission fluid keeps everything cool and lubricated. To ensure those functions continue, you must have your transmission fluid changed periodically.
  • Fluid flush: This process thoroughly flushes all old fluids from your transmission, leaving a clean system ready for new fluids.
  • Additives: Chemicals can be added to increase performance. Some vehicles do well with additives while others do not. Rely on a trusted mechanic to advise you in this area as well as your owner’s manual.
  • Pan gasket replacement: This is the seal that keeps your transmission fluid in place. If it becomes damaged or wears out over time, it can leak and lead to larger problems. Issues like this can be easily avoided by getting regular transmission inspections.

Signs of Transmission Issues

While proactive maintenance is great for staying on top of potential issues, things happen! If you are experiencing any of these issues, it may be a sign that you are experiencing transmission issues. Look out for:

  • Noises: The sound of grinding is never a good sign when it’s coming from your vehicle. Other sounds like whining, clunking, etc. can point to low fluid levels, gear issues, and other problems.
  • Burnt smell: If you notice a burning smell, your transmission may be overheated. Pull over immediately to let your transmission rest.
  • Leaks: Fluid leaking under your vehicle should be inspected immediately to determine where it is coming from. Many parts of your vehicle use various oils and fluids to keep components cool and lubricated. When they are drained, it can ruin certain mechanisms.
  • Gear issues: If your gears are slipping or having difficulties shifting, it could be a transmission issue. To avoid bigger issues, see a mechanic right away.
  • Check engine light: Although it is called the check engine light, it is used for other aspects, like your transmission. Take it seriously when this light is illuminated and get an inspection quickly.

Schedule Transmission Service at Miller Toyota

Whether you need to come in for your preventative maintenance services or transmission repair, we've got you covered. Schedule your next transmission service with Miller Toyota near Conklin, VA.