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Warning Light diagnostics

What Does that Warning Light Mean?

When a warning light illuminates your dashboard, understanding its significance becomes crucial. Deciphering these lights can help you make informed decisions, especially in determining if your vehicle needs servicing. If you're a driver near Bull Run, VA, rest assured that Miller Toyota has compiled a guide to common warning lights, equipping you with essential knowledge for these situations.

Oil Pressure Warning Light Depicted as a traditional oil can symbol, this light indicates issues with your vehicle's oil pressure system. Ignoring it can lead to inadequate engine lubrication and potentially severe problems.

Check Engine Light: Shaped like an engine, this light indicates potential issues requiring comprehensive diagnostic tests at our service center. Our professionals possess the expertise to efficiently diagnose and address engine problems affordably.

Engine Temperature Warning Light: Resembling a thermometer, this light warns of engine overheating, necessitating immediate attention. Low coolant levels can result in lasting engine damage.

Battery Warning Light: Displaying in a rectangular shape with plus and minus signs, this light alerts to a malfunctioning vehicle charging system. Our skilled technicians can identify issues and offer efficient and affordable solutions, including battery replacements if needed.

Tire Pressure Warning Light: Displayed as a semi-circle with a tread at the bottom and an exclamation point, this alert signals either low or high tire pressure, demanding adjustment. Improperly inflated tires can damage them and compromise safety.

Miller Toyota Service Center

If any warning lights illuminate your car's dashboard, visit our service center located near Bull Run, VA, at Miller Toyota. Our skilled team will swiftly assess the issue and offer guidance for resolution, ensuring a trouble-free return to the road. Do you prefer a service appointment on your schedule? Easily book online and get back behind the wheel in no time.