Enjoy A Show At The Hylton Performing Arts Center

When the cold weather's got you down, it can be a mental health boost to get out and see a show like the ones playing soon at the Hylton Performing Arts Center at George Mason University.


Something Fishy


Take a look at the Hylton's calendar, and the January 28-29 live performance of Broadway smash musical Big Fish immediately stands out. The performance is based on the screenplay of the hit movie of the same name, which was originally a novel by Alabama native Daniel Wallace. The novel's themes include the reconciliation of a father and son, William and Edward Bloom. Both the book and film are heartwarming, funny, and emotional, and there's no doubt that the upcoming performances by the ARTFactory’s Pied Piper Theatre will be the same.


Machine Made


Imagine high-flying acrobatics meeting Night at the Museum. You'll find amusement and laughter in the performances by Machine De Cirque on February 4-5. This Quebec-based troupe uses entertaining and endearing feats of juggling, balance, teeterboard, hand-to-hand acrobatics to wow audiences of all ages as the colorful group performs throughout a black-and-white museum setting in order to explore the exhibits and bring them to life for the audience. Described as "a colorful feast for the senses," Machine de Cirque uses it s beautiful combination of artful acrobatics and humor to entertain audiences around the world.


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And More


There are tons of beautiful performances upcoming at the Hylton, including the Virginia National Ballet's rendition of the Disney classic Aladdin on February 15. Check out their calendar and find a show that you and the whole family can enjoy.


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January 2, 2023
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