What’s Covered in the Toyota Roadside Assistance Program?


Many Toyota vehicles come with the Toyota Roadside Assistance Program for at least a limited amount of time. In fact, even Certified Used Vehicles will automatically come with this assistance. When you find yourself stranded due to a car failure or running out of gas, the program gets you back on the road quickly without any hassle. It includes five key components that truly help drivers.

Tire Changes

If you aren’t confident changing your own tire, then you will be glad to know that the roadside assistance includes tire changes. If you have a flat, all you have to do is call the program and help will come to you, whether you are in the United States or Canada.


Next time you think your battery is dead, you don’t have to flag down a random stranger on the road to help you. Instead, the Toyota team will come over with the necessary cables and jump-start your car, truck, or SUV.

Gas Delivery

No one is proud to admit it, but at some point or another, you won’t fill up your gas tank in time. If you run out of gas, don’t dread walking miles to bring more back to your car. Our team will bring you some; just let us know where you are and what type you need.


Collisions and car breakdowns can be stressful enough without having to worry about figuring out how to bring your car to the dealership or your mechanic. We’ll take care of the towing for you and bring you to the closest Toyota Dealership.

Auto Locksmithing

Even locking yourself out of your car isn’t a concern with the Toyota Roadside Assistance Program. Our team includes auto locksmiths who can help you get back inside in a matter of minutes.

The Toyota Roadside Assistance Program is just another way to show that we care about our clients. Talk to the team at Miller Toyota in Manassas, Virginia to learn more about the program and make sure you are covered.

April 27, 2015
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