5 Facts That Set Toyota Apart From The Rest

A white 2020 Prius and a blue 2020 Prisu against a mountain and lake.As one of the most lasting automotive brands in the world, Toyota hasn’t seen its success pop up out of nowhere. How have they done it? Through lots of hard work and unending customer satisfaction, Toyota has risen to one of the most popular brands in the automotive industry. Let’s explore more of the ethos behind Toyota to understand the principles that set them apart from their competition day after day.

Long-Term Planning

This is one of the biggest single contributors to Toyota’s success. While other brands may respond to trends and fads with their designs, Toyota has always strived to innovate and look towards the future with their vehicles. Take the Prius as an example – when it debuted in 2000, gas prices were low and many drivers cared more about aesthetics than fuel efficiency. But Toyota knew that electric cars were the way of the future, and they took the lead in hybrid cars.

Studious Speed

When Toyota is developing a new vehicle, they take their time to thoroughly research and explore every avenue when releasing a new car. They don’t rush into decisions just to please the market or stay “on-trend”, and it shows in the quality of their vehicles.


Toyota approaches each new project with an open mind about innovation – they don’t allow themselves to get bogged down in the “way things have always been”. Staying competitive in the automotive industry requires constant modernization and tenacity, which Toyota has proven to have year after year.

Waste Obsessed

One of Toyota’s leading ethos is “continuous improvement”, and they strive to make cars as efficiently as possible. If another automaker takes the lead in making cars faster, or better, Toyota will reimagine their processes to be better. They are always working towards being the best automotive brand in the world.


You won’t get very far in life without a healthy sense of humility, and Toyota knows this. There isn’t one individual in the company who takes credit where it isn’t due – teamwork drives everything at Toyota.

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May 18, 2020
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