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1. The dealership will complete a Virginia State Safety Inspection on your vehicle at no charge once per calendar year as long as you own the vehicle. Repairs necessary to bring your vehicle into state compliance would be at your discretion and expense. 2. During the time period your vehicle is covered by the Toyota 5-year/60,000-mile factory warranty, but beyond the ToyotaCare Boost coverage, the dealership will provide you at no charge all oil and oil filter changes as recommended by Toyota and outlined in your owner's manual. When a Toyota Vehicle Service Agreement ("VSA") is purchased at the time of vehicle settlement, the Plan is extended throughout the specific additional time and/or mileage period of the Toyota VSA agreement. For instance, when you invest in an 8-year/125,000-mile Toyota Vehicle Service Agreement, the dealership will provide you at no charge all oil and oil filter changes as recommended by Toyota and as outlined in your owner's manual during that additional time and/or mileage period. The Plan coverage will cease if the VSA is cancelled for any reason. No cost oil and oil filter changes not completed within the applicable warranty coverage period are forfeited. 3. The Plan provides a no-charge 30,000 mile factory service as recommended by Toyota and outlined in your owner's manual. The dealership will not honor the no-charge 30,000 Mile Factory Service if your vehicle has exceeded 35,000 miles. 4. As a Plan owner, you receive a 15% discount from list price on all over-the-counter parts and accessories purchased. Installation may be extra. Discounts cannot be combined with any other coupon offer or discount. 5. No cost rental vehicle vouchers can only be used when your vehicle is at the dealership for service. No-charge rental vehicle coupons are for one (1) 24-hour rental period each. Renters must be at least 21 years old and possess a valid driver's license and major credit card. Renter is responsible for any parking tickets, traffic camera or EZ Pass violations during use, and for all gasoline used. 6. Ten percent (10%) of qualified purchases are available to be used as "cash" toward the purchase of any new or used vehicle from the dealership at any time in the future. All pre-tax cash transactions made by you in our service and parts departments are qualified purchases. Pass-through purchases such as tow bills or payments made on your behalf by warranty or insurance companies do not qualify. *All coupons, offers and discounts are applicable only to the vehicle identified by VIN. Offers have no cash or substitution value. Services provided by other sources are not reimbursable under any circumstances. The Plan expires with ownership change. ©2015 Strong Automotive Merchandising. All Rights Reserved.
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