Cold Weather Running Tips To Use This Winter

Man running outside in winter
If you’ve made a brisk run part of your routine, you don’t have to put away your running shoes now that the colder days of winter have moved in. Try out these tips for running through the winter.

Warm Up

Before you ever step out your door, there are certain steps you can take to ensure that your run is a safe and enjoyable outing. Your muscles need to warm up before undertaking any sort of strenuous activity, and that only becomes more essential when the weather outside is cold. Applying heat while massaging your muscles can help you limber up and avoid straining anything during your run. Naturally, the warm up can also help you stay warm, so go through some push-ups, lunges, ands squats to get your blood flowing. With these quick prep exercises, your body heat will rise to brace yourself for the winter chill.

Dress Accordingly

Layering your clothing is key to staying warm out there, and outdoor winter exercise calls for a very specific layering to achieve optimal safety, efficiency, and comfort. Start with a moisture-wicking layer that can hold tight to your skin. The next layer should serve as insulation to keep your body heat from escaping, and the final layer should consist of a weather-blocking material. Since our extremities lose heat quickly, remember to wear a comfortable pair of gloves as well. With all of this preparation, don’t forget that your body will generate heat as you run, so don’t overdo it. If you think you’ll have to shed a layer mid-jog, scale back with a lighter covering. The ground can be slippery during snowy days, so be sure to wear shoes with good traction to get a grip on the terrain. Of course, you should keep an eye out to avoid icy patches altogether.

Proper Protection

With the shorter days of winter, you don’t have as much broad daylight to work with. That means that you need to be as visible as possible to get the attention of drivers along the roadway. Keep safe by wearing reflective clothing or attach reflective tape to your clothes to maintain visibility at dusk.

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January 18, 2021
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